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January 12, 2012:
"We're ready for this year's event and we want to get your stage, sound, lights, and power first. You guys were great, and you make it so easy! "

Charlie M.
Executive Director


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If you're not really sure exactly what you need, call or send us an email! Tell us what you're doing, what will be on the stage, and how big your audience is!


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About Us!

Welcome to the #1 Stage Company in Memphis and the Mid-South Region, serving events coast to coast!

original stage designWe build stages of all kinds! We've been designing and building both permanent and portable stages for concerts, churches, charities, corporate clients, and private parties for nearly 20 years; Stages for most any application you could imagine: band stages, choir risers, modeling runways, auto displays, head table stages, parade review stands, commencement stages, ground-breaking events, political fundraisers, all access stages, even a stage for goats! Oh, and let's not forget and the 40+ charity events we sponsor and produce each and every year!

original stage designWe entered the business after renting a few stages for our own events. The stage prices fluctuated dramatically from week to week, as did both the quality and types of stages. Also lacking was the dependability of the crews and set-up shedules. Having our own stage solved all of those problems for us...and YOU!

Owning our own stages allows us to GUARANTEE the size, quality, PRICE, delivery/set-up times, and SECURITY of the stage you are ordering...and we do! It helps us both sleep better.