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Latest Reviews:

November, 2015:
THANK YOU for your dedication to the Veteran's Day Parade!!! You guys are always awesome! You keep the schedule rolling! You don't know how much that means to us. Thank you. Thank you!"

August 2015:
"Awesome Memphis Tigers tailgate concerts! Your ability to deliver the entire production package sure did make it easy on us! One call, and I look great! We will be calling you next year! for sure. "


More info:

If you're not really sure exactly what you need, call or send us an email! Tell us what you're doing, what will be on the stage, and how big your audience is!


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Choir Risers

A Good Place To Start:

chori riser rental in memphisWe construct choir risers for youth school performances, choir recitals, television mass choirs, and even the National Choir Competition, but our staging is much more versatile than that. These risers also make great multi-tiered staging/flooring for events, they're often used for elevating the head table at wedding and corporate events, or expanded into larger designs such as multi-tiered stages, compartmentalized additions, rounded designs, and more...

We can help you determine both the right size and configuration for your needs. Check out the following information for basic ideas, and then send us an email or call us and we'll help.

choir riser rental in memphis The vast majority of the choir risers we construct are usually three or four tiers tall, with each tiered row being 4' deep. That's a good place to start. (We can also build some special designs, but we'll get to that later.

Decisions, Decisions:

In determining stage size, here are some good questions to consider:

The height of the risers is somewhat dependent on how many rows of risers there will be. Generally, the heights are 1', 2', and 3', give or take a few inches each way. If you've only got 3 rows of choir members, and your first row will be on the floor, then you'll probably only need two rows of risers, with heights of 1' and 18", or 1' and 2', whichever you prefer.

If you're just not sure, give us a buzz @ 901.861.0500 and we'll assist you in any way we can. Or, if you prefer, send us an email.

Stage Accessories: Choir Risers

In addition to the most versatile stages on the market, we also offer all of the accessories: Carpeting, Skirting (in various sizes and colors), Stairs, Rails, Access Ramps, Brace Brackets, Telescopic legs (for putting the stage up over curbs, bushes, or uneven terrain), and special rubberized no-scuff feet (safe for your wood, marble, or synthetic gym floor. )